Our Story

From Humble Beginnings

For brothers Ron, Martin and Neil Alquzah, there were a number of years you would only find them in two places: school and work. When they weren't hitting the books you could find them attending swap meets or electronics shows, honing their business and sales skills - learning the ways of the trade and submersing themselves in the emerging electronics industry.

Planning for the Future

After some in-depth research and some creative ingenuity, they began laying the groundwork for a business that specialized in high-end mobile electronics. Many of the big-box retail stores had a stronghold on offering cheaper (and lower quality) products for consumers, but there was still a growing need for top-shelf merchandise for audio enthusiasts. Carrying high-end products with a hands-on staff to support was a great idea, yet for some reason it still seemed to be rare in the industry.

They began drafting plans tailored to provide outstanding, personable service while carrying the top brands in the industry. The plan was nearly four years in the making, when in 1991 they took the plunge – investing their life’s savings into launching their flagship store in sunny Riverside, California.

A Dream Becomes Reality

Creating a successful mobile audio shop is no small task. Competition is as stiff as it is relentless. To make Pacific Stereo stand out we adopted a simple, steadfast philosophy: blend outstanding technical knowledge with “the gift of clarity.” To talk to a Pacific Stereo team member is to take any subject – any project - and explain it to you in perfectly logical, perfectly understandable terms. Next, provide an incredible selection of products with the highest grade of audio equipment available and of course – a great deal is always a great deal! The central lesson: to work at Pacific Stereo is to put people first.

Room to Grow

That philosophy has carried Pacific Stereo through the last two decades. Tens of thousands of customers later, the Pacific Stero store count has tripled. Celebrities started to visit us, like NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, comedian Katt Williams and Rapper/Actor Coolio have graced our doors, creating mobile audio and multimedia systems ranging from the simple to the sublime. It’s safe to say we have been blessed with success.

That success has lead us to expand. Our new Riverside, CA headquarters is near completion. Our completely remodeled 10,000 square foot sales and fulfillment center house a massive showroom, stock and shipping area, offices, and custom wood shop/installation bay.

Today with three Southern California locations, Ron, Neil and Martin Alquzah have created a company that is built to last, and we have you to thank for it. We look forward to another 20 years of making you sound great!