Alpine Status 14-Channel Hi-Res Digital Sound Processor Amplifier

Alpine HDP-D90
Alpine HDP-D90 Alpine HDP-D90 Alpine HDP-D90 Alpine HDP-D90



With the highest quality music streaming available on the market, Alpine Status delivers a superior level of audio performance that will take your music to a whole new level.

  • High-Performance 14-Channel Digital Sound Processor Amplifier
  • Hi-Res Audio Playback (192kHz/24Bit)
  • PC Tuning Application
  • Selectable pre-configured sound system configurations
  • Embedded RTA signals for sound tuning
  • Bluetooth® audio streaming with included external module
  • Optional Controller

Superior Sound

Using expertise gleaned from over five decades of crafting premium car audio products and trickle-down engineering and design from the Ultra Hi-Res AlpineF#1Status system technologies, the Alpine Status system features exceptional tooling and rich build quality for the best possible sound reproduction.

Each component was hand-picked from the highest-quality materials for the highest in-class audio performance, that when used as a complete system, can achieve 192kHz/24bit playback.

System Powerhouse

Building a sound system while overcoming acoustical challenges in the interior environment of the vehicle is no easy feat, however, the HDP-D90 14-Channel Hi-Res Digital Sound Processor Amplifier provides flexible system building and Hi-Res processing power up to 192kHz/24 Bit for an infallible listening experience.

System Flexibility

The HDP-D90 includes multiple source inputs for flexible system building for the option to retain a factory head unit, add an aftermarket head unit, or the Alpine Status HDS-990 Digital Media Controller. For older vehicles with no source player, the HDP-D90 can also function as a standalone music source and can receive music sent directly from a smartphone with Bluetooth® wireless streaming.

Build Your Ideal System

When paired with the Hi-Res HDS-990 Digital Media Player, you unlock even more control options for your processor while getting the highest-quality playback possible in your vehicle.

Powerful System Building

With 12-channels of amplifier outputs, the HDP-D90 can be used as a standalone source to power a 2-Way Speaker System, or for a more dynamic listening experience, includes 10-channels of RCA output for adding additional amplifiers to power a 3-way speaker system.

Optimized for Full System

The Alpine Status System is sold separately and can be used to build a custom sound system. For best results, install the complete Alpine Status system together as a full system to achieve the highest in-class audio performance only second to the Ultra High-Resolution AlpineF#1System.


12-Channel Hi-level/2-Channel RCA/Optical (SPDIF)/Coaxial (Digital)
10-Channel RCA output/ 12-Channel High-Level amplified outputs (50W x 8 @ 4ohm + 80W x 4 @ 4ohm)
31 Band Parametric or Graphic EQ
Channel Mixing
Matrix Input Summing
Sampling Rate
Internal: 192kHz/32Bit
>110dB, THD: <0.001%
Hi pass / Low pass Crossover per Channel
Time Correction
Up to 7mm Delay per Channel
Sigma DSP
ADAU1467 x 2
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