Alpine Perfect Fit Dash Kit

This product has been discontinued.

Alpine KTX-CMY8-S
Alpine KTX-CMY8-S


The KTX-CMY8-S is a dash kit designed for the Alpine 8-inch X008U head unit to give a factory finished look to 2012 – up Toyota® Camry dashboards.

Designed to Fit Your Dash

Upgrading your vehicle’s in-dash technology doesn’t mean clashing with your factory dash look and feel. The KTX-CMY8-S 8-inch dash kit was specifically designed to fit over the Alpine X008U 8-inch in-dash receiver and match the look of 2012 – up Toyota® Camry dashboards.

Specifically designed to fit over an 8-inch in-dash receiver, the KTX-CMY8-S has Perfect F.I.T. (Factory Integration Technology) to complement your head unit and match the shape, color, and texture of your dash.

Easy Installation for a Perfect Fit

This easy-to-install dash kit gives your dash a factory-finished look, so you can enjoy the latest Alpine in-dash technology with a vehicle-specific solution that directly fits 2012 – up Toyota® Camry dashboards.

Each kit comes with all the necessary accessories for the X008U, including a vehicle-specific harness, antenna adapter, and steering-wheel interface for vehicles with steering wheel control. The universal trim bezel can be used with vehicles that do not have a compatible Perfect F.I.T. kit.

The KTX-CMY8-S can be installed in the 2012 – up Toyota® Camry.


Receiver Compatibility
Vehicle Compatibility
2012 – Up Toyota® Camry
Vehicle-specific Harness
Antenna Adapter
Steering Wheel Interface
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