Founded in 1967, Alpine Electronics is one of the world's leading car audio and navigation companies. They pride themselves on taking a full system approach to car audio, offering solutions on the cutting edge of technology.

AudioControl has been manufacturing car audio crossovers, processors, audio measurement equipment and OEM integration adapters for over 30 years. Based in Washington state, their “Innovation in Everything” mantra has led them to create some of the most advanced car audio gear in the world. They have also expanded their offerings to home theater, multi-zone audio systems, and professional audio. They currently distribute their products to 26 countries worldwide.

From source units and amplifiers to speakers and remote controls, today’s Clarion Marine offers modern, innovative designs and a total commitment to durability in real marine environments. Ask your authorized Clarion Marine dealer to show you just how great your boat can sound.

Based in Southern California, Concept Enterprises, Inc. was founded in 1975. Starting out as Coutsic, the manufacturer was a maker of most everything car-audio, from subwoofers to amps to head units and beyond. In 2010 Coustic merged with car audio conglomerate Mitek (MTX, Xtant, StreetWires and others). Concept was born. Continuing the Coustic brand along with Chameleon and Roadview, Concept offers video monitors, DVD players, headrest monitors and more.

Based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, Escort has been right on the cutting edge of radar and laser detection for over 30 years. Escort carries in-dash and on-dash detectors, navigation products and TV tuners. Escort is widely recognized as one of the best radar detector manufacturers in the world, and has sold over 10 million products worldwide since their doors opened.

Based in Saint-Etienne, France, Focal/JMLabs has been creating some of the best audio in the world for over 30 years. Focal has consistently developed unique technologies to appeal to the audiophile in all of us. Multiferrite magnets, Beryllium tweeters and the composite W sandwich cone are all indelible marks Focal has left on the mobile audio industry. With four full lines of speakers as well as subwoofers, crossovers, amplifiers, interconnects and wires Focal offers a complete solution to mobile audio enthusiasts.

Infinity was founded in 1968, and in 1983 was acquired by Harman International, which was then acquired by KKR and Goldman Sachs in 2007. Infinity brought such innovations as the Neodymium magnet and the Polypropylene speaker cone to the audio world. More recently, Infinity has used woven fiberglass in its cone and introduced proprietary tweeter systems into their mobile audio speakers.


James Lansing started JBL over 60 years ago. They are currently in over 80 percent of the world’s movie theaters, and have over 100 products for home theater, professional sound reinforcement and mobile audio. They make subwoofers, car and marine speakers and a processor for mobile sound. JBL has one of the best reputations in the industry for solid products that last, without the high price to go with it.

JL Audio was formed in 1975 by James Birch and Lucio Proni. Headquartered in Miramar, Florida, JL has grown significantly. Starting as a manufacturer of speakers, they grew into an amplifier and processor manufacturer. Then in 2004, they took another step forward and entered the home audio speaker market. Today, JL Audio now makes marine products as well as home and car audio.

Based in Tokyo Japan and founded in 1946, Kenwood is currently sold in dozens of countries worldwide. In 1980, Kenwood (then named Trio) started building mobile audio equipment. As a leading manufacturer of receivers, amplifiers, speakers and subwoofers for both the home and car markets, Kenwood worked to become an innovator with the first integration of the iPod into a mobile receiver, as well as making one of the first truly user-friendly navigation receivers.

Kicker was founded in 1973 and is based in Stillwater, Oklahoma. As one of the most recognizable speaker companies in the mobile audio world, Kicker brought the legendary Solo-Baric subwoofer to life. Now they make products for both car and home audio as well as marine products. Kicker employs nearly 200 people and is sold in over 50 countries world-wide.

Metra has been in business for over 60 years. Based in Daytona Beach, Florida, they have been the most popular dash kit for decades. Metra also makes wiring harnesses for radios and speakers. Metra owns ten other brands that do everything from power and signal wire, to speaker manufacture, to sound dampening and more. Metra also created the Installers Institute - a school dedicated to mobile audio installation and advanced fabrication techniques.


The Pacific Accessory Corporation - better known as PAC - has been a major player in the OEM integration business since the 1970's. After merging with Peripheral Electronics, PAC moved the corporate headquarters to a larger and better equipped facility, and upgraded their engineering and R&D capabilities. PAC then forged a strategic business partnership with AAMP of America to further expand their capabilities, as well as expand their sales and tech support, training, marketing and shipping departments.

Pioneer Electronics was founded in 1938 by Nozomu Matsumoto in Japan. Originally a speaker manufacturer, Pioneer now makes electronics for the car, home and business markets, and has consistently created innovative new products ever since. Pioneer was the first to introduce the car CD player, DVD-video player, and high-definition plasma TV, and continues to offer hundreds of products around the globe. Including their OEM speakers, Pioneer is the number one selling car audio maker in the world.

Jim Fosgate founded Rockford Fosgate in Illinois in 1973. This Emmy award winning engineer helped to create some of most coveted amplifiers and speakers the industry has seen. Since then, Rockford Fosgate has expanded exponentially. You can find the “RF” logo on everything from boat speakers, to receivers, to highly advanced in-car processors. They have even become factory equipment in several vehicles.

Scosche is based in Oxnard, CA. In 1980, founders Roger and Scotia Alves saw a need for high quality installation instructions for the professional and amateur car audio installer. Several companies used Scosche’s information to provide customers with detailed information on radio installation, wiring and speaker installation. In 1997 Scosche upgraded to a new warehouse, and added a shipping facility in Alabama. A facility in Hong Kong was added to speed shipping internationally.

Side By Side Vehicle Works is a leader in powersport innovations. Located in Oxnard, CA their offices also include a fabrication shop for on site research and development. SSV specializes in custom audio products, built specifically for select ATV's and Jeep Wrangler models.

Stinger is based in Clearwater, Florida. They are a subsidiary of AAMP of America, which owns several other mobile audio companies including Phoenix Gold, iSimple, OCar, and PAC Audio. Stinger is well known for making car audio power and signal cable, interconnects and batteries. Recently celebrating their 25th anniversary, AAMP plans to open a new engineering, research and development center.

Viper is a subsidiary of Directed Electronics, and based in Vista, CA. For more than 30 years, Viper has been one of the most well-known mobile alarm companies in the world. Their technologies include a dedicated Keyless entry system, Smart Start, Responder 1 and 2 way security systems, Revenger 6 tone sirens, and three forms of Viper window film.

XpressKit is a subsidiary of Directed Electronics, and based in Vista, CA. Xpresskit specializes in modules that allow aftermarket remote start and keyless entry systems to work. As modern vehicle computers become increasingly complex, it's even more important to integrate with those systems instead of trying to bypass them. Xpresskit also makes OEM integration kits, using the factory keyless entry with starter kill, a shock sensor and several other functions.