AudioControl Factory System Upgrades make your Good factory system Sound Great!

Features like precise equalization, adjustable crossovers, signal delay, signal summing/distribution, and AccuBASS® make AudioControl’s Digital Mobile Audio Processors top-of-the-line performers.

With OEM integration-friendly features such as signal summing and our patented AccuBASS®, AudioControl’s multi-channel and subwoofer amplifiers are changing the game in OEM integration.

Don’t let extreme conditions get in the way of rocking to your favorite soundtrack on your next overland or seagoing adventure. AudioControl’s ACX All-Weather Amplifiers deliver honest power levels to the sound system in your boat, UTV, motorcycle, and more.

The Epicenter detects bass harmonics, then digitally recreates the underlying fundamental for the incredible punch and impact of live music.

Give your system the boost that it needs. The high headroom power supply of our line drivers raises any pre-amp signal up to 24 dB. This provides better dynamic range and a quiet, noise-free signal. Perfect for driving those long cable runs from the front to the back of the vehicle.

Adjust your system’s response for your car’s acoustics and your personal musical preferences. The Programmable Frequency Match (PFM) filter protects woofers and maximizes bass. And AudioControl equalizers raise signal voltages for the highest possible performance. You can even use your factory head unit.

AudioControl's in-dash processors are true audiophile quality products in compact, all-in-one packages.

AudioControl's award-filled history designing and building test and measurement solutions for the audio professional, more likely the reason is that we needed to see just what hey was going on in the audio spectrum.

HD Audio Streamers, Dash Remotes, Load Generators, Modules, and Connectors.