Quintessential sound in your car… With Utopia M, listening and driving take on a unique dimension, that cannot be described, only experienced.

K2 Power will reveal a whole new lifestyle, without limits. Experience the yellow high-performance cone, a symbol of sportiness, dynamic, and power.

Treat yourself to new sensations and unprecedented sound dynamics which will send shivers down your spine. The live sound of the Flax Evo line is revealed with power and high performance.

Incorporates the essence of Focal's latest technologies to deliver performance, reliability, and French manufacturing. Slatefiber cones are made from non-woven, recycled carbon fibers.

With Access, Focal's innovations and audio quality are accessible to all drivers. Offering a trendy style, and packed with technology, Access is entirely dedicated to your music. You’re guaranteed to find all of Focal's technological expertise in your car.

The Auditor kits have been widely acclaimed for 20 years, and in 2022 are reinventing themselves to provide début Focal systems with even greater performance and versatility – at an unrivaled price!

You're very passionate about your beautiful, powerful car and it's important for you to give it a strong personality. With their assertive, ultra-technical design, the Performance car audio kits will give your car a unique live touch.

The new generation of the Universal Line has been improved for even easier vehicle integration: enjoy excellent sound while keeping your original-fit head unit and maintaining the original aesthetics of your vehicle interior.

From the most simple car audio kit to the most complete amplified system, Focal Inside can be easily installed to replace the factory system without having to make any modifications to the vehicle’s interior.