JL Audio amplifiers raise the performance bar for any budget, and every system design need.



VXi amplifiers combine JL Audio’s advanced amplifier technology with a powerful digital signal processor, all within a compact and beautiful package that is easy to install and offers unprecedented tuning power and flexibility.


HD amplifiers possess amazing technological content, impressive power density, compact packaging, and the flexibility and stability of JL Audio's Regulated, Intelligent Power Supply (R.I.P.S.) technologies.


With JL Audio’s advanced NexD™ Class D technology, audiophile-grade performance becomes installation-friendly in a wide range of car and marine installations.

Slash v3 amplifiers deliver compactness, design elegance, the installation flexibility of R.I.P.S. technology and Advanced Rollback Thermal protection to keep your music playing under the most demanding conditions.

XDv2 amplifiers are built with state-of-the-art microelectronic components, using very compact unitary cast alloy heat sinks to provide outstanding audio performance and reliability in an amplifier that is easy to install in the tightest spaces.


RD amplifiers are equipped with studio-grade signal processing and automatic turn-on capabilities, employ JL Audio's exclusive NexD™ switching technologies to generate loads of power with exceptional efficiency and feature a modern, industrial design with a high-performance look and finish.


JD amplifiers feature a compact design with NexD™ switching technology for superior fidelity and efficiency, automatic turn-on capabilities and dual-range differential-balanced inputs to combat noise and maximize compatibility with a wide range of signal types.


MX amplifiers are compact, powerful and versatile. They are water-resistant (IPX7 rated) and suitable for installations where water, mud or debris cannot be completely avoided, and feature NexD™ switching technologies to generate loads of high fidelity sound.

Remote Level Controls, Network Hubs, Connectors and Stack Kits for current and legacy model JL Audio amplifiers.

Speaker, Power plugs, knobs, and control panel replacements for JL Audio amplifiers.