For decades, JL Audio has led with the notion that subwoofers are essential and important to any serious audio system.


A W7’s unique proposition is its ability to deliver extreme output, accurate dynamics and sublime sound quality… all at the same time.

Since 1993, JL Audio W6 subwoofers have embodied the optimal combination of trade-offs required to reproduce exceptional in-car bass from very compact enclosures.

The amazing TW5v2 serves up real, large woofer performance, with only 2.6 inches of mounting depth. Deep, powerful and accurate bass is now possible in the most challenging installation applications.

W3v3's offer phenomenal performance at medium power levels, without requiring a large enclosure.


TW3’s are optimized for extremely small enclosures and offer our tab-ear mounting design to maximize cone area within their mounting footprints.


TW1’s offer a powerful combination of shallow mounting depth, minimal frontal clearance and insanely small enclosure requirements and deliver rich, deep, and controlled bass.

W1v3’s share many features with our premium subwoofers, including our patented VRC™, Elevated Frame-Cooling and Floating Cone Attach Method™ technologies.

The W0v3’s are built to perform like no other woofers in their price class, making them the best choice for those seeking high performance from an affordable subwoofer system.

Available for W0v3, W1v2, TW1, W3v3, TW3, W6v3, and TW5v2 subwoofer drivers. A special aluminum bar grille system is offered for W7 and W7AE subwoofers.