JL Audio's marine subwoofers deliver the kind of bass that has made JL Audio famous in the automotive and home theater sound arenas.



JL Audio's flagship subwoofer is a reference standard for marine subwoofers. Optimized for higher-powered, infinite-baffle operation, the M7's 12" subwoofers are designed to provide intense bass output, while withstanding the harsh marine environment.


JL Audio's M6 subwoofers are maximum-performance designs in 10-inch or 8-inch sizes. They are offered in versions for infinite-baffle or small enclosure operation.


Highly affordable, yet still offering the full JL Audio bass experience for moderate power systems. Offered only in infinite-baffle version.

The MLC-RW is an advanced controller designed for managing RGB LED lighting circuits. Outfitted with PWM technology and high-capacity circuitry, the MLC-RW produces up to 30 amps (400 watts) of continuous output to power modern, multi-LED networks.

Replacement grilles for your JL Audio marine subwoofers.