Getting the right size fuses, the right gauge of wire, a capacitor, and finally power distribution will guarantee you hear all your Amplifier has to offer.

Add power to your preamp signal to help improve the quality of the signal - which means a better sound quality of the amp.

With Amplifier Wiring Kits, you get power, ground, speaker and remote wires included in one convenient package.

RCA Cables deliver all your music from the receiver to the amplifiers. The best RCA's have thick, flexible jacketing for easy installation.

Speaker Wire to RCA Adapters are great if you want to make a custom RCA cable, or attach the Adapter to the ends of any speaker wire.

RCA Barrel Connectors are used to make RCA cables longer. Join the ends of two cables together to get a custom length you need to get the job done.

Spade Connectors create a clean marriage between the wire and your amplifier terminal or your speaker wire.

Amplifier Power Plugs are the adapters you require to ensure you can power up your amplifier.