Signal Processors

Signal Processors

Signal Processors craft sound. They make the sound louder, clearer and stronger to make it that much more like the musician intended it.

Audio Processors give you control over your audio. They make it loud, clean and Earth moving, and want it all to sound that way in my ride.

Installing an Equalizer in your ride isn't just about making sound louder. It's about lowering the sounds that shouldn't be there. Equalize it, and your sound will be clean and strong.

Line Drivers are all about power - the power to make your amplifiers work their best. Installing a Line Driver increases the strength of the signal from the radio.

Compressed audio (like MP3's) has very little bass in the signal, Bass Restoration Processors turn today's digital music into a full, deep sound.

Do you have the JL Audio Clean Sweep attached to a factory radio? If your system occasionally mutes, then you need a Load Sensing Adapter.

Signal Processor Controllers allow you to adjust the equalizer, crossover and time delay on a graphic LCD display with dual illumination colors all without ever leaving your seat.

These SPL microphone adapters allow you to analyze the acoustics of any environment with high resolution and precision.