Car Security Accessories make the simple tasks easier, as well as making your vehicle more secure every day you drive.

Sirens and Sounding Devices add variety to your alarm system. Play a custom warning, arm or disarm message or a different tone than the rest of the alarms out there.

Adding a Backup Battery keeps giving power to the alarm even if a thief disables the battery, which means more time with the siren sounding.

Power Window Automation Systems are great to add to a security system. By installing this system, arming your ride's alarm also means the windows always roll-up.

Voice Systems offer a personal touch to your alarm. Choose from several pre-recorded warnings when people come too close to your ride or make one yourself.

Trunk Release Solenoids will “pop”your trunk via your security system's remote control. No more bending down, and fumbling with the key.

Car Security System Sensors enhance the detection capabilities of your alarm. These sensors are each built to fight a specific kind of robbery style.

Get a Pulse Timer when you want to control a relay. Pop trunks, roll-up windows, or even open a door remotely with a pre-programmed time delay.

Remote Start Wiring Harnesses allow you to connect vital systems without needing to splice into existing systems. A simple adaptor allows you to snap everything into place.

Data Cables relay instructions from one alarm module to another, allowing them to interact. Use these cables whenever your system expands.