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by Bill Braun

Staff Writer

on July 10, 2014
Sometimes a show car doesn't have to show everything.

Many would not define the 1958 Corvette as a classic car.  They would define the C1 as the classic car, with it’s enviable lineage harkening back more than 6 decades.  It’s hard to argue the storied history born under this very hood.

Location:  Pacific Stereo in Riverside, CA

When it comes to upgrading a classic like this, we’re often asked to do two things:  let me hear my phone with it, and don’t let me see the speakers.

With those requests in mind, we went to work.  The first task was to add a modern convenience, but keep a classic look. The Custom Autosound USA-630 receiver is built from the ground up specifically for classic cars.  With an old-school shaft radio design, this deck has all the modern conveniences.  USB input, CD Changer control, RCA outputs, and MP3 title display are all standard. It can even accept a Bluetooth input. 

After fitting the radio into the center console, we added the Custom Autosound BluKit to it. Playing any kind of audio via Bluetooth was now possible, as was making a phone call.  With the included microphone carefully hidden, it’s easy to have a conversation with both hands on the wheel.

The next step was to add speakers, but where to install them?  A set of custom panels were made to match the interior and installed behind the center console.  A pair of Alpine SPR-60C component speakers were installed, both for their sound quality and their power handling capabilities. 

The final piece of the puzzle was amplification.  We had little space to work with, but required enough power to make the speakers truly sing, even at high volume.  Rockford Fosgate had the answer.  Despite being barely bigger than a box of candy, the PBR300X2 carries plenty of juice – over 300 watts peak.  It was easily hidden in the passenger kick panel.

A classic look with modern features, all nicely hidden away. Call it a “stealth sound.” The benefits of great gear are that it doesn’t need to be seen to be heard.

System price:  $1300

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