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by Bill Braun

Staff Writer

on August 19, 2014
Four subs and three amps in a big rig. The truck isn’t the only thing that’s powerful.

Location: Pacific Stereo in Riverside, CA

When you see a Chevy C4500 Kodiak, most of the time you think of a work truck.  Moving things as heavy as a house from point A to point B, with thousands upon thousands of miles piling up, it’s more than a mode of transportation to the driver.  It’s a mobile office, rest stop and sometimes their hotel all rolled into one. 

Imagine packing for a trip without ever leaving your bathroom and you’d have some idea of how much stuff you’d have in a truck.  All of the suitcases with none of the room to go with it. The challenge was simple:  where to put audio gear without getting in the way of the driver and any possible passengers, not to mention all of the suitcases that go along with it? 

That’s where a little ingenuity comes in handy…

The first step was to get bass, and lots of it. We started with a custom box made to fit under the motorized back seat, which doubles as a bed.  This meant we couldn’t interfere with the seat’s gears or motor.  We were up to the challenge, fitting a set of JL Audio 13TW5v2-D4subwoofers into a custom box.  That was phase one.

Phase two involved adding an additional set of JL Audio 10TW3-D4 thin mount subwoofers into the mix, creating a custom subwoofer box under the center console. 

When it comes to bass, power is your best friend. A JL Audio XD 1000/1v2 was attached to the pair of 13” subs, and an XD 600/1v2 as added to the 10” subs, driving 1600 watts to the bass alone. You wanted bass…you got it in spades.

Now that the low end was (more than) handled, we turned our eyes towards the mids and highs. The first step was to remove the previous audio system, preferring to create entirely new door pods to hold the Focal K2 series component speakers, called the 165 KRX 2. The pods were wrapped with matching grey vinyl (chosen for it's looks and durability), then placed higher on the door to maximize the sound quality.

The CD receiver had a single set of outputs, so to add some additional control to the system, an Audio Control THREE.2 equalizer and master volume control was added to the system.  Along with an aux input, the equalizer made it easy to control multiple amplifiers from one location.  It was mounted conveniently, just below the steering wheel.

In the rear, a set of Focal TIS 1.5 tweeters were installed, along with the Focal PS 165 components to fill out the sound. To power all of the components, the JL Audio XD 400/4v2 was used. With more than 100 watts going to each set of speakers, the voices will stay clear no matter how loud the music gets.

Our final challenge was to display all the amplifiers while minimizing how much room they occupied. A custom amp rack was made, then affixed to the rear seat. Special mounts were made to allow the motorized seat to move freely without interfering with the amplifiers operation, or the wiring connected to them.

The job done, the systems power was over 2,000 watts, and all custom matched, wrapped and dyed to mirror the color if the interior, and the sound was simply amazing. With the massive engine of the Kodiak, you need audio horsepower to match, and it goes without saying that having tunes in this workhorse of a truck makes the day pass just a little better, no matter where the road takes you.

Package price: $5,500

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