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by Bill Braun

Staff Writer

on June 18, 2014
The Ferrari F430. Even a legend needs a makeover now and then.

Location:  Pacific Stereo in Riverside, CA

This 2008 Ferrari F430 was pretty impressive to begin with, but add an audio system worthy of the Prancing Horse, and you just hit a whole new level of cool.

Matching the sleek sophistication of this Italian marvel was no easy task, but it was one we were completely prepared to take on. The first consideration was the radio.  The factory deck was replaced with the Alpine CDE-HD149BT, their top end CD Receiver, and one of the best single DIN decks on the market today.

With a higher quality signal now in hand, it was time to upgrade the speakers.  Focal is one of our go-to lines for upper echelon rides, and the Ferrari qualified without a doubt.  For the front speakers, the Focal 165 KR2 separates were integrated into the factory locations - both woofer and tweeter.

Like many high-end 2 seaters, there is a back center console parallel with the rear seats.  A pair of factory 6.5” speakers were replaced with the Focal PS 165 to add rear fill, and even more realism to the experience.

Of course, hardly any system leaves here without better bass.  With an absolutely miniscule amount of room between the rear firewall and the back of the seats, we were forced to push our imagination.  

It had to be thin, it had to be loud – and it had to be cool.  A set of JL Audio 10TW3-D4 subwoofers were given their own custom box. Barely deeper than the subwoofers 3.5” mounting depth, the leather clad enclosures fit perfectly.  Complete with custom red stitching, the box was made to allow maximum bass without interfering with the passengers’ comfort.

With the interior complete, we turned our attention to the trunk.  The amplifiers and most of the power wire would make their home here, so the goal was as much simplicity as it was style.

The JL Audio XD400/4V2 was chosen to power the mid and high range speakers.  Offering up 75 watts per channel at 4 ohms was exactly what the Focal speakers need to do their job – with plenty of power left in the tank to power the system at higher volume levels. To match the power of the midrange, you need plenty of powerful bass.  That’s where the JL Audio XD 1000/1V2 comes in.  As the name implies, you're looking at a massive 1,000 watts going to the two subwoofers. 

With the amplifiers established, it was time to create a custom amp rack.  Frank is one of our lead custom installers, and understandably picky about the exact materials that go into this supercar.  “The materials have to be just so...basically a spot on match.” Said the 17-year installation veteran. “Otherwise it looks like something less than perfect, and we just can’t have that in a project like this.”

To add a unique touch to the system, red LED’s were added around the amplifiers and power distribution system. A grille was also made from solid aluminum to go over the power block, and a Ferrari emblem added to the center.

This legendary vehicle finally has a sound as powerful and refined as the car itself. 

Like Fred says, “It’s final touches like the emblem, the aluminum grille…even the matching red stitching on the leather that makes an awesome system like this have a unique sense of style.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Package price:  $4,700

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