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by Bill Braun

Staff Writer

on January 30, 2014
The 2009 Ebbtide 2400 is called the Fun Cruiser. Our job is to make it even more so!

Location: Pacific Stereo in Riverside, CA

Adding good sound to a boat is one of the first items on many people’s checklist before they get to the water, and few companies do marine sound better then JL Audio. Being passionate about making audio equipment tough enough to survive in any marine environment is a good reason, and being based right next to the Atlantic Ocean doesn’t hurt either.

The adventure starts at the source of the music.The Alpine CDE-HD148BT, radio was installed in the cockpit, allowing Bluetooth, CD’s, even Pandora to be played from anywhere on the craft. To protect the receiver from the water and sunlight, a Scosche ACM3W Marine cover was installed around the deck.

Now that we had music, we needed power. The JL Audio XD 700/5 was a perfect fit, snugly installed below the steering wheel.  With 700 watts contained in a footprint smaller than a sheet of paper, it was an easy decision to make. 

Time to get some speakers that sound great, will handle a marine environment, and can deliver plenty of volume. Of course, we went right back to JL for that.  Two pairs of JL Audio MX650-CCX-CG-WH full range speakers were installed. No system is complete without some big bass, so we added a JL Audio MX10IB3-CG-WH 10” subwoofer to bring some boom.

This system is tough.  It's loud.  It’s clear, and it looks awesome.  Now the boat can hit the water knowing that the fun will never stop!

Package Price:  $1800

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