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by Bill Braun

Staff Writer

on August 5, 2014
Ladies and Gentlemen, your rolling home theater. Now with Satellite TV! Do enjoy.

Location:  Pacific Stereo in Riverside, CA

A conversion van isn’t just a convenient way to move people from point A to point B.  It can be an entertainment center on wheels.  With the right gear and three rows of home theater quality seating allow for a loads of luxurious space for everyone on the trip, so even days on the road can be downright fun.

The first step was to add a new receiver.  The Alpine INE-W957HD navigation receiver was installed for it’s dual zone audio/video capabilities as well as it’s outstanding video quality.  The factory backup camera was integrated into the receiver as well, ensuring that the reverse gear isn’t an adventure in “hoping” you don’t damage the bumper (or someone else’s) while parking.

The next step was to add speakers. Lots of them. The JL Audio C2 series was the perfect replacement to give everyone in the van some sound that would truly “come alive” when they listened to it.  Three sets of the 4” C2-400x went around the headliner, a single set of 6.5” C2-650x were installed in the door and finally a set of 6”X9” C2-690tx were installed in the back doors.

Since you can’t have a truly complete sound without bass, a JL Audio CS112TG-TW3 Power Wedge was added for it's power handling and it's small size.  Big bass in a little space means subwoofer is out of the way, but the sound sure isn’t.

The next step was to power the system.  Again JL Audio was tapped for it's small but very powerful amplifiers.  The XD series was perfect, and the XD 700/5 was installed under the seat.

Now that the audio was handled, it was time for the video.  The first step was to install a 28” Samsung TV in the roof, attaching it to the Blu Ray Player in the center console as well as the navigation receiver.  Next, we installed the KVH Tracvision A7 DirecTV antenna to the roof. With everything installed, the passengers can easily watch a movie, turn on the TV or even use the aux input to plug in a video game console.

Sometimes not everyone wants to listen to the same thing, at the same time. Six sets of Alpine SHS-N206 dual source wireless headphones were added to the system. Options are always a good thing, and the option of listening to two different audio sources (or even listening to nothing at all) keeps everyone happy on the trip.

The final touch was to protect the ride on the road.  That means a security system, and they went for one of the best.  The Viper 5706 remote start alarm system has one of the best ranges in the industry, stretching as far as a mile form the vehicle.  The 5706 can allow the owner to start up the vehicle, lock or unlock it, or one of several other functions with the press of a single button.  The 2 way remote confirms reception of all instructions right on the screen.

With a complete multi-zone audio video system at your fingertips, the miles go by with ease.  Relaxing in comfy seats and listening to great tunes doesn’t have to be limited to your house any more.

System price:  $11,200


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