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by Bill Braun

Staff Writer

on January 15, 2015
A factory deck doesn’t have to mean a factory sound system. Or factory anything else for that matter.

Location:  Riverside, CA

With a massive V8 and nearly 400 horsepower, the 20104 Chevy Silverado 2500HD LTZ is a beast right off the factory floor. Loaded with room, conveniences and power, it may be hard for some to see the potential to personalize the truck that much more.

The owner of this truck wanted more than just a new system in the Chevy. He wanted an entirely new look inside and out, and we were only too happy to accommodate him. Predictably, the first step was to get the sound right.

Focal was the speaker of choice for the midrange and highs. Their crisp, powerful sound quality makes it a more realistic sound, yet they’re thin enough to hide perfectly behind factory grilles. In the front, a set of Focal 165 KRX2 component speakers were used. In the rear doors, a set of Focal 165 KRC full range speakers rounded out the cabin’s sound.

Big bass almost always means big power, big speakers and a big box. For this Silverado a simple thin enclosure just wouldn’t do. We needed air, and lots of it, for a trio of JL Audio 12W7AE-3 subwoofers to do their best. A custom vent was cut and then insulated to join the truck bed and the cabin together. The new vent allowed a monstrous hand made enclosure to be incorporated into the bed - feeding the bass directly into the truck without occupying any additional room in the cabin.

Rockford Fosgate came to the party with a full compliment of amps and audio processing to give it a great sound, even with a factory stereo in the dash. The Rockford 3Sixty.3 processor was chosen for it's extreme flexibility in tuning the vehicle as well as it’s time correction capabilities. For power the Rockford T600-4 amplifier brought plenty of juice to the mids and highs, while the T2500-1bdCP delivered 2,500 mind-numbing watts to the bass. Overall, the audio system is capable of 3,000 watts!

The final interior touch was a new custom headliner and visors. A slate grey was chosen and diamond patterns were embroidered into the material for a completely different look to the truck’s interior.

The exterior of the Silverado needed some customized attention as well. For that we first turned to Amp Research’s Power Step for the automated running boards.  Next we created a custom grille for the Silverado, complete with Rigid Industry’s 10”and 30” E-series LED light bars. A pair of lighted switches were installed in the truck to control light bars independently. To protect the truck bed, a Pace Edwards Bed Locker was installed. Lastly, a train horn was added to the engine compartment for a finishing touch. 

Overall, this Silverado has a gorgeous look inside and out, and a sound befitting the power hidden under the hood.

Package Price: $12,700

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