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by Bill Braun

Staff Writer

on February 19, 2015
Two audio zones, several thousand watts and 70mph on the water. Sound like fun?

Location:  Pacific Stereo Riverside, CA

The Eliminator Fun Deck is a single engine 28’ catamaran. Eliminator is one of the premiere performance boat companies around.  Their boats have been known to top 100mph right from the factory, and come in nearly countless combinations of color, size and function.

What this boat needed was sound as fun as it's name, and that’s where Pacific Stereo comes in.

The first thing anyone notices about sound in a boat like this is of course the bass.  The deep thumping power of 2,000 watts makes waves of it's own and thanks to a pair of JL Audio XD 1000/1 - each attached to a single JL Audio 10W6V3 subwoofer, there’s no shortage bass anywhere within earshot.

To house the subs, a custom set of boxes were installed below each chair.  A custom grille was then constructed both to protect each of the boxes, and let the bass reach out as far as possible.

The amplifiers were hidden in the storage wells.  In addition to the pair of thousand watt subwoofer amps, two JL Audio XD 400/4 midrange amplifiers were added to power 4 sets of JL Audio M770-CCX-SG-WH coaxial speakers installed in the seat inserts around the boat.

A dual zone Alpine marine CD receiver was used in conjunction with 3 Alpine wired marine remote controls, mounted throughout the boat for easy access to the sound.  Finally, a trio of Stinger SPV-69c batteries were added to the system, ensuring the system had access to all the power it needs for the entire time the boat is on the water.

The result is a massive system and a massive sound that no one could possibly miss.  Now the boat has truly transformed from fun to fantastic!

Package Price:  $7500

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