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by Bill Braun

Staff Writer

on January 16, 2014
Everyone gets to have a great time, even on a long trip in this 2014 Honda Pilot.

Location:  Pacific Stereo in Riverside, CA

Using 3 Audiovox AVXMTGHR1M headrest monitors, one Audiovox AVXMTGHR1D DVD headrest, and an Audiovox AVXMTG10U 10” overhead monitor, a multi-zone audio video system was created. 

The System

The overhead and front headrest monitors are tied together, allowing everyone to view a show.  A Farenheit VB-1 video amplifier was then distributed to all four headrests.  This ensures a crystal clear picture on every screen from the overhead DVD player.

Don’t want to watch what the other screens are playing?  No problem.  The Pilot’s video system lets the next row of headrests become a “second zone.”  Using the DVD headrest as a second video source, the back two screens play their own audio and video.  It’s as easy as pressing a button.

A pair of Alpine SHS-N103 wireless headphones were also added to the system, as well as two sets of Scosche actionWRAPS IUHP3 earbuds. This way everyone gets to hear exactly what they want, when they want.

Making a rolling theater used to take days, and cost a small fortune – let alone making it capable of two separate zones.  Now?  It's fast.  It’s affordable.  And it's all done to your own personal taste!

System price:  $2500

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