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by Bill Braun

Staff Writer

on January 2, 2015
Wild Dual Sub System in this RZR XP1000 with custom SSV Works enclosures & JL Audio Amp & Speakers.

Location:  Riverside, CA

The 2014 Polaris RZR XP1000 is meant to go nearly anywhere, but the dunes are where this UTV makes is home.  A wild purple wrap complements the custom made roll cage. This 4-seater needed a sound as loud as the wrap itself, and Pacific Stereo was just the shop to do it.

JL Audio Marine makes speakers and subs loud & tough enough to be perfect for this install.  Our amp of choice was also JL – the massive M1000/5v2 powered the entire system, while still being small enough to discreetly install it in the front of the RZR.

SSV Works played a huge role in making this UTV look cool.  The first step was to add the bass in two places. The SSV RZ4-GBSB10-U glove box enclosure was added, and becomes completely invisible despite allowing a JL Audio 10W1v3 subwoofer into the system. The other SSV RZ3-BSSB10-U enclosure used the same JL Subwoofer, and hides discreetly between the back seats.

For front speakers, SSV came through again with the RZ3-FKP65-U. These kick panel speaker pods are made of thick fiberglass, and formed exactly to the contours of the RZR.  A set of JL Audio M650 CCX-SG-TB full range speakers were added to the enclosures.  For rear speakers, a set of  JL Audio M770-ETXv2-SG-TB full range tower speakers were added for that extra punch of volume.  Plus they just plain looked cool.

Add two subs, four speakers and a thousand watts to a UTV means a better battery may be in order. To ensure this monster of a system got the juice it needed, a Stinger SPP1200 was added.

Last step was getting signal to the system, then controlling it. An iSimple IS7505 lightning adaptor was integrated into the system to let the iPhone be the audio source.  For volume control, a JL Audio HD-RLC was installed for it's factory look and easy use.

A RZR like this is sure to get attention on the dunes, and with a sound system this wild – they can add their own soundtrack to the adventure.

Package price:  $2850

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