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by Bill Braun

Staff Writer

on April 16, 2015
Even a truck as impressive as the Dodge Ram Longhorn can be improved upon, and watching the game is a nice start!

Location:  Riverside, CA

The 2015 Ram 3500 Laramie Edition is one impressive machine. Over 850 pounds of torque, massive payload capacity and 15 tons of towing capability.  The inside is equally as formidable with custom leather throughout, an 8” screen and (we kid you not here….) a heated steering wheel.

In a word: Wow.

Even this luxurious monster of a truck could stand a bit of additional flare.  To entertain the rear seat passengers, satellite TV was added.  Using a TracVision A9 low-clearance antenna receiver, we customized the color to match the truck, then mounted it on the roof.  A DirecTV tuner was then attached and a Savv dual-source monitor was installed in the back of each headrest, completing the experience.

To accent the exterior, Forgiato came through with a set of custom rims.  These single piece, forged “Duro’s” are clean and every bit as tough looking as the truck itself. For added security, a Pace Edwards Bed Locker was installed, allowing the driver to secure the bed contents via remote control.

With these additions in place,  the truck becomes as much an entertainment center as it is workhorse. Enjoy it inside and out!

Package Price: $5,800

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