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by Bill Braun

Staff Writer

on March 23, 2015
This new Tundra turns heads - in and out of the truck.

Location:  Riverside, CA

Sometimes you want everything perfect, and all at once.  This 2015 Tundra was designed to be just that.

Toyota of the Desert calls Cathedral City, CA home. In it's massive lot, the Tundra is a hot seller.  To show their customers that upgrading the truck doesn’t stop with the options on the factory website, the dealership decided to work with Pacific Stereo to inspire a customers imagination.

One covered trailer trip later, the 2015 Tundra was on our doorstep.  We started by the customizing process by dropping the truck 2” in the front and 4” in the back to give it a different look and feel.

With the wheel wells now that much easier to fill, we added DUB Directa S133 1-piece milled rims to add a unique flare to the Tundra.  The low stance paired perfectly with the new look to offer a great change of pace – going from work truck to street machine.

The exterior handled, attention was turned to the interior.  Using the Concept CLD-903 and CLS-903 screens, a rear seat entertainment system was custom installed into both the headrests.  Engineered to be independent of factory stereo, the rear seat passengers can choose to play a DVD, or easily hook up their own video source (like a gaming system) for the trip.

The change is far from subtle.  A combination of adding fun to the ride, and a genuine wow factor to passers-by is easy to see.  Imagine the fun they have when they get in the seat

Package Price:  $6,000


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