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Digital Remote Controller for JLid™ Products

JL Audio DRC-205
JL Audio DRC-205 JL Audio DRC-205


The DRC-205 is a panel-mount, wired digital remote controller designed to connect to the JLid™ port of compatible JL Audio electronics.


  • Dual-concentric rotary controls with stops
  • Push-button mode selector
  • Status indicator (RGB LED)

Common uses include:

  • Master Volume
  • Subwoofer Volume
  • Preset or Mode Selection

The specific audio functionality of the DRC-205 controller will be determined by the device it is connected to.

The DRC-205 is compatible with the following JL Audio products:

  • FiX® OEM Integration DSP: All Models
  • TwK® System Tuning DSP: All Models
  • VXi-Series Amplifiers: All Models


JLid™ is JL Audio's protocol for digital controllers and for communication of settings between devices (not for audio signals).

JLid™ offers two-way communication for a range of accessories, including the following:

  • Wired System Controllers: DRC-100, DRC-200, DRC-205
  • Bluetooth® Communicator: VXi-BTC
  • Networking Accessory: VXi-HUB

JL Audio FiX® and TwK® processors each feature one “JLid™ Port”, designed for connection of a wired controller.

JL Audio VXi amplifiers offer powerful networking capabilities via JLid™, to deliver single-point control of multiple amplifiers in a system. This allows the user to adjust levels (Volume, Fader, Balance, Zone Level) and to select from multiple DSP presets, across an entire group of networked amplifiers. JL Audio VXi amplifiers each feature separate “JLid™ Control” and “JLid™ Comm” ports. Please refer to the VXi product manual and our Help Center for details.

JLid™ connections are made via standard CAT-5e cables.


FiX® OEM Integration DSP
TwK® System Tuning DSP
VXi-Series Amplifiers
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