JL Audio
Load Sensing Adapter

JL Audio FiX-LSA-4
JL Audio FiX-LSA-4


Some factory audio amplifiers employ a load detection circuit that looks for a low-impedance load in order to enable audio output. When a high-impedance load, like the input section of a FiX® DSP, is connected to these factory amplifiers, the audio signal will mute.

The FiX-LSA-4 is designed to provide a low enough load impedance to enable audio output in most of these situations. Simply disconnect the input connectors from the FiX® DSP, insert the FiX-LSA-4 in-line and recalibrate with the FiX-LSA-4 in place. Note: An additional FiX-LSA-4 will be necessary if your FiX® is connected to more than four channels of audio from your OEM head unit or amplifier.


FiX® 82
FiX® 86
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