Marine Amplifiers give your entire audio system the power to be heard anytime you're on the water.

Marine Mono Amplifiers are what you need when you want bass on the water. Your subwoofer requires big power to do its job, and mono amps are engineered to deliver.

Marine 2-Channel Amplifiers are a flexible option to power either speakers or subwoofers in your boat.

Marine 3-Channel Amplifiers are built to power both speakers and subwoofers in your watercraft. It's like having two amps in one, tiny footprint.

Marine 4-Channel Amplifiers are flexible enough to power a full system, or simply part of one.

Marine 5-Channel Amplifiers are built to give you all the power you'll need for your boat's sound system in one package.

Marine 6-Channel Amplifiers give you a lot of flexibility with options to bridge some or all of the amplifier - getting up to three huge subwoofer channels or anything in between.

Marine 8-Channel Amplifiers give you a ton of power, and as many as eight speakers to send it to.