Rockford Fosgate
10 Farad Hybrid Digital Capacitor

Rockford Fosgate RFC10HB
Rockford Fosgate RFC10HB


Low ESR (Equivilent Series Resistance), combination carbon capacitor/electrolytic capacitor, platinum plated. (3) 1/0 AWG/4 AWG power inputs and (3) 1/0 AWG/4 AWG ground inputs/platinum plated. Voltage/amp meter.

  • Improves Sound Quality - Cleaner Mids and Highs
  • Louder and Harder Hitting Bass
  • Platinum Plated
  • 1 Year Warranty


Maintains low internal resistance and retains rated capacitance value.

Hybrid Capacitor Design

Hybrid carbon capacitor/electrolytic capacitor combines best of both technologies into single design.

Engineered in the USA

These Avatars are a personal signature from the Rockford Fosgate team member(s) who designed and engineered this fanatic product. This statement illustrates our commitment to being Designed and Engineered in the U.S.A.


Power Inputs
(3) 1/0 AWG/4 AWG
Ground Outputs
(3) 1/0 AWG/4 AWG
1 Year
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