Rockford Fosgate
120W RMS 4-Channel Amplifier

Rockford Fosgate T400-4
Rockford Fosgate T400-4 Rockford Fosgate T400-4 Rockford Fosgate T400-4 Rockford Fosgate T400-4 Rockford Fosgate T400-4 Rockford Fosgate T400-4 Rockford Fosgate T400-4


The Power T400-4 is a 4-channel amplifier capable of producing 100 Watts into each of its four channels at 2-Ohms. The T400-4 can run a 4-way full-range system or use component speakers on the front with subwoofers on the rear.

The T400-4 amplifier is perfect for front/rear fading stereo systems or when dedicated amplification is required between front stage speakers and rear subwoofer(s). Thanks to the Dynamic Thermal Management, the small chassis design insures it can be installed in any location – like under front seats.

  • Audiophile grade speaker connections
  • MOSFET output stage
  • MOSFET power supply
  • 4 Gauge power/ground connectors
  • 24 dB / octave crossover
  • 2/4 channel input switch
  • 2-Year Warranty

CTA-2006 Compliant

Power ratings on Rockford Fosgate amplifiers conform to CTA-2006 industry standards. These guidelines mean your amplifier's output power ratings are REAL POWER numbers, not inflated marketing ratings.


DSM (Discrete Surface Mounted Components) utilize 1% tight-tolerances improving efficiency of the circuit, decreases cross-talk from other discrete components and lowers operating temperature.


Dynamic Thermal Management evenly distributes excess heat across entire amplifier heatsink.


MEHSA³ reduces MOSFET temperatures, lowers distortion, increases durability and prolongs the output device life span.


NOMAD is a "real time" analog computer that protects your amplifier from shorting speaker wires and dangerously low speaker impedances.

Punch EQ2

Onboard equalizer with up to +18dB @ 45Hz and/or up to +12dB boost at 12kHz.


Trans•ana is a Class A/B topology that simplifies the signal path of the amplifier allowing the signal to travel through the amplifier at a lower voltage. The result is greater reliability and exceptional sound quality.


Rockford Fosgate amps use custom TO-247 MOSFETs. These have 60% more metal tab area for more power capacity, lower impedance and improved heat dissipation over traditional TO-220 MOSFETs found in competitor amps.

Engineered in the USA

These Avatars are a personal signature from the Rockford Fosgate team member(s) who designed and engineered this fanatic product. This statement illustrates our commitment to being Designed and Engineered in the U.S.A.


400W RMS
60W x 4 @ 4Ω
100W x 4 @ 2Ω
200W x 2 @ 4Ω Bridged
2Ω x 2 Bridged Stable
Dynamic Power
84W x 4 @ 4Ω 0° Res
139W x 4 @ 2Ω 0° Res
272W x 2 @ 4Ω Bridged
Frequency Response
20Hz - 20kHz +/- 1dB
Input Sensitivity
150 mV - 4 V
Circuit Topology Class
Class AB
69% @ 4Ω
68% @ 2Ω
Total Harmonic Distortion
4Ω: <1.0%
2Ω: <1.0%
Signal Input
Front Low level: 1 RCA pair
Rear Low level: 1 RCA pair
Input Switch: 2CH / 4CH
Tone Controls
Front Channels - Punch EQ
Treble: 0dB to +12dB @ 12kHz
Bass: 0dB to +18dB @ 45Hz
Rear Channels - Punch EQ
Treble: 0dB to +12dB @ 12kHz
Bass: 0dB to +18dB @ 45Hz
Crossover Controls
Front High-Pass (HP): 50 - 500Hz 24dB/octave Butterworth
Front Low-Pass (LP): 50 - 500Hz 24dB/octave Butterworth
Rear High-Pass (HP): 50-500Hz 24dB/octave Butterworth
Rear Low-Pass (LP): 50-500Hz 24dB/octave Butterworth
Remote Controls
Optional Remote Punch EQ (overrides rear channel built-in Punch EQ)
Power Wire Gauge
8 AWG to 4 AWG
Power Input Connector
Speaker Wire Gauge
8 AWG to 18 AWG
Speaker Output Connector
Screw Terminal Barrier Strip
Operating Voltage
9 - 16 VDC
Recommended Fuse
60 A
Average Current Draw
30 A
Max. Current Draw
60 A
Suggested Alternator
75 A
2.14" x 8.14" x 13.66"
542 x 207 x 347mm
11.90 lbs (5.39 kg)
More Information
Brand Rockford Fosgate
Amplifier Class Class AB