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About Us

Why Pacific Stereo?

  • 20+ Years of Experience

    With three shops and more than two decades worth of custom installs under our belt, we stay on top of our game. Car audio guys actually working in car audio – what a revolutionary concept! Read all about our full story.

  • We’re Authorized

    Be sure that your equipment didn't "fall off the back of a truck." Some unauthorized dealers have been known to do some pretty shady stuff – selling their customers stolen, damaged, defective, tampered, or even counterfeit products. Unauthorized means no warranty. Always buy authorized to guarantee that your product is direct from the manufacturer, factory sealed, includes all of the factory warranties, and fully eligible for technical support.

  • The Brands You Love

    Don't get stuck with ACME products. No off-brand manufacturers here, only the best. We offer only the highest quality of mobile audio products from brand name manufacturers.

The brands we carry speak for themselves, including:

  • Sagacious Support Team

    We got your back – before, during, and after the sale. Our Sales and Support crew are regularly trained by the top manufacturers, so we know their products inside out. If you’re looking for help designing anything from a basic installation to a high-budget custom build, we’ll inspire you. Chat live with our System Building Team, or check out our Garage and see the awesome vehicles we've been working on here in So Cal.

  • Expert Product Reviews

    Things are getting exciting around here - opening boxes with packing peanuts flying everywhere! We get our itchy fingers on every product; push every button, turn every knob, and listen to every speaker. Then we roll up our sleeves, break down each feature, and give you the bottom line - our Expert Score.

  • We Know What Fits Your Vehicle

    Accidentally buying the wrong product sucks. Luckily for you, we make sure there's no more guess work. Consult our Vehicle Fit Guide to ensure product compatibility with your vehicle. You’ll also find a complete list of features for every product listing. When in doubt, give us a ring and we'll help you find what you're looking for. No crowbar required.

  • Easy to Use

    From researching and getting the information you need, to receiving your shipment of awesomeness in the mail, we’ve made your shopping experience easy and enjoyable. You gave us feedback, and we listened. We’ve designed our site to be fun, intuitive, and tailored to your needs.

  • Expert Product Reviews

    We’ve put every product feature you can imagine at your fingertips with our Narrow Search functionality. Filter by Brand, Price, Expert Score, Customer Rating, or any of the product-specific features with the click of a button. Can't decide between two popular products? No problem. With our product comparisons we take the top products and throw them into the ring to see how they stack up, reviewing them blow-by-blow. Complete product research starts here.

  • Shipping at the Speed of Pronto

    Yeah, we're friends with the UPS delivery guys. As we should be, with the volume of goodies we're sending your way daily. We ship the same day for all orders received before noon. Everything received after noon will be shipped the following business day. Need it faster? Just select one of our expedited shipping options and listen for your doorbell to ring.