Enclosed Subwoofers

JL Audio enclosed subwoofer systems offer you a wide variety of precisely assembled subwoofer solutions.

Enclosed Subwoofers

For those who seek the ultimate in sub-bass fidelity, we offer three ProWedge™ systems featuring our flagship W7AE subwoofers and others that harness the power, small box requirements and sound quality of W6v3 and TW3 subwoofer drivers.

The W7AE H.O. Wedge systems are designed to extract the immense output capability of the W7AE drivers, while still retaining world-class sound quality. Each is properly sized and tuned to the optimum ported alignment for the 12W7AE and 10W7AE and is shipped wired, loaded and ready to install.

Uniting our tried and true sealed PowerWedge™ enclosures with a proprietary Class D amplifier design, PowerWedge+™ systems are engineered to deliver incredible performance in a compact, all-in-one subwoofer package.

PowerWedge™ systems have defined value in engineered low-frequency systems for almost two decades.

MicroSub+™ systems unite a proprietary DCD™ equipped amplifier with specifically engineered, low-impedance W3v3 and TW1 drivers to extract astonishing output with unprecedented efficiency from a compact sub-bass solution.

MicroSub™ enclosed subwoofers features thin-wall construction with extensive internal bracing to maximize internal air space. The bass output is so powerful, tight and deep that you simply won’t believe you’re listening to these smaller enclosed systems.

JL Audio's affordable enclosed subwoofer systems feature MDF construction and quality carpet with a logo embroidered onto the top surface for a clean, classy look.