The Car Amplifier is the beating heart of your sound system. They deliver lots of power, but it's more than just brute force. A good amp gives you tons of detail at any volume.

Mono Amplifiers provide huge amounts of power in a small package. They are a subwoofer's best friend, giving them the juice they need to shake everything in the blast radius.

2-Channel Amplifiers are capable of powering subwoofers or the speakers in your door, these amplifiers work in stereo or bridged mono for max power.

3-Channel Amplifiers are especially useful for the ride that has a stereo pair of speakers in the front and a subwoofer in the back.

4-Channel Amplifiers can power your entire system, or simply the door speakers.

5-Channel Amplifiers give you four channels of power for door speakers and one big subwoofer channel.

6-Channel Amplifiers give you maximum flexibility. Attach three sets of speakers, or two sets and bridge one, or bridge three.

8-Channel Amplifiers give you the most flexibility of any amp on the market. Bridge as many as 4 channels, or set up control for each speaker in your system.

Remote Bass and Level Controllers let you adjust the sound right from your seat.

Amplifier Integration Modules let you add an Amplifier to your factory stereo. If you have a need for more volume, this is your ticket.

Use a Channel Summing Device to deliver the whole frequency spectrum to your aftermarket amplifier. Ensure your factory stereo gives you every ounce of sound.

Getting the right size fuses, the right gauge of wire, a capacitor, and finally power distribution will guarantee you hear all your Amplifier has to offer.